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What's Happening in the Studio?

There is always something happening in (and around) the studio:

  • Find out what's happening inside the studio - experiments with glazes, forms, different equipment and techniques.

  • Find out what's happening outside the studio - garden projects and experiments, how the bees are getting on, and are the chickens happy (or is Foxy-Loxy winning the day?!)



Update - Spring 2024

2024 has new challenges & adventures in store for Binnie Pottery!


We are continuing to improve our throwing skills and Lisa has embarked on a 9-month production skills cohort with Amy the Potter.  Both Izzy & Lisa continue to collaborate on small commissions to combine Izzy’s fine art skills with clay.  Izzy will also be working on her clay making & throwing skills this year - and there’s no better place that Tresabenn studios to do this!


We are aiming to have more things to sell on the website (something we get asked a lot about - and definitely need to be better at!)  We are continuing to complete commissions and one-off pieces, but would like to have some lovely items that we hold in stock for you to buy and enjoy in your home. 


Our small studio space will also be updated this year.  We have decided to make a little more room to provide a small gallery space & toilet, and an improved outdoor raku/smoke firing area.  We hope to have this completed by the summer (but we are discovering that all this takes a bit of time, so please bear with us!)  Hopefully, we can be sharing our love of clay with you in experience days and workshops again later this year.


Thank you for your continued interest and commissions.  It really means a lot that so many of you want to have our lovingly made pots in your homes and hands - thank you!  And do come along later in the year to play with clay - there’s something very special about making your very own pot!


Binnie Pottery x

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