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Meet the Team


Loki Bear

Well-Being Lead


Fine Art & Potter


Potter & Gardener


I had always found messing about with clay fun! After having my third child, I decided to set up a small studio & set about learning the craft.  I was fortunate to learn from some brilliant potters.  Deborah Baynes inspired my love of throwing clay, combining form with functionality and this was solidified by two summers spent at the Frith's (the amazing David & Margaret) learning not just how to pot, but about the history of studio pottery, taking inspiration from Japanese makers and Margaret's amazing carving of porcelain.  You couldn't hope for more wonderful teachers! Decorating pots with my own glazes was my next adventure & Jim Robison was the potter who inspired my love of texture.  I continued this adventure for 4 years until a house move (loss of studio) and full-time teaching intervened.

...12 years on & I'm back at the wheel.  As I was feeling a bit rusty and lacking in confidence, I gave myself 12 months of retraining (I didn't want to sell wobbly pots!)  I attended various courses, built my confidence back up & met lots of fellow potters along the way - they really are a kind bunch of people! [If you're looking to up-skill, Richard Phethean is wonderful!] This year involves a production pottery apprenticeship with a potter in the U.S. 

Please do follow me on Instagram to see how I'm getting on! And later in the year, I'd love to help you on your pottery adventure - join me for a pottery session!


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